A few days in Azores - Faial Island

Some stunning aereal footage of Faial in the Azores islands.

A few days in Azores - Terceira Island

Some stunning aereal footage of Terceira in the Azores islands.


A visit to Mértola and its surroundings, in the Alentejo region.

A few days in Azores - São Miguel

Some stunning aereal footage of São Miguel in the Azores islands.


Serpa, in the beautiful Alentejo region.


Mértola´s 2017 Islamic Festival. A visit to the SOUK.

Batalha Monastery

The beautiful Batalha Monastery, in the Leiria District.

Elvas, cidade Património Mundial.

Some stunning aereal footage of Elvas.

A taste of Vila Viçosa

A short video showing you some of the main Vila Viçosa attractions.

Monsaraz and the Alqueva Dark Sky

A short 4K film about Monsaraz in the Alentejo region. From Portugal. Includes the Alqueva lake and some dark skies

Chromelech of the Almendres

Chromelech of the Almendres, a megalithic monument in the Alentejo region.


Arraiolos - The rug is on the street

Lezíria in 4k

A stunning view of the Lezíria region.


Marvão in the Alentejo region.

A few days in Madeira

A little video about a Trip to Madeira Island.

The beginning of days in Mourisca

Mourisca Timelapse from José Mendes on Vimeo.

A timelapse of a sunrise in Mourisca, near Setubal

2015 - A year photographing

A retrospective of 2015 in the photos of José Mendes, the photographer of From Portugal. Some of these photos can be seen in detail on this website.

The end of Days in Lisbon

A timelapse of Lisbon by nightfall.

The Flowers Festivities in Campo Maior

Whenever the people of Campo Maior (in the Alentejo region) decide, the Flower Festivities happen. Streets fully decorated with paper made flowers in a multitude of colours. That is my destination, from Portugal, this next weekend.

The End of Days in Piodão

A timelapse capturing the end of a day in the village of Piodão.